As a child in a multiracial family, Sasha became aware of race and how it shaped peoples perceptions at a young age. This fascination is present throughout her life and is very apparent  in her work as an artist. From clothing design to portraiture she combines influences from many cultures and many mediums to showcase the beauty of brown people. Most recently through her oil painting:

 "...whether depicting the vastness of the color continuum or focusing on the beauty of blackness in a way that society that otherwise disregards, destroys or huts those because of it. I enjoy painting portraits in oils because of the richness if the pigment and deep varying colors of honeys, coffees and dark chocolates." 


Sasha has a keen eye and colorful spirit. Whether its hand painting signage, hand painting fabric, or designing  a garment, she weaves passion, cultural understanding and technical excellence into each and every project. 

Painting. Screen printing. Signage. Hand painting. Lettering. Textiles. Hand embroidery. Beading. Sewing. Vintage refurbishment. Garment construction. Garment design.